Do you know your skin type? We help you find out!

The first step in starting to take care of your skin is to know its type: is it oily, mixed, normal or dry? To invest in the right products, it is essential to know the main problems of your face: pimples, blemishes, oiliness, dryness… No idea how to know? Check out the tips below and find out!

Oily skin: excessive shine + open pores + acne

Oily skin is the most common among Brazilian women: in addition to having a greasy feeling throughout the day, it also has an irregular texture and very open pores, especially on the cheeks and nose. The biggest problem with this type of skin is acne – the famous blackheads and pimples – which form due to the accumulation of oil and impurities in the pores. If you suffer from these discomforts, your skin is probably oily!

Mixed skin: greasy feeling on forehead, chin and nose + blackheads and pimples

Do you even feel your skin greasy, but only in spots? You probably have mixed skin. This type of skin is characterized by excess oil in the so-called “T” zone – forehead, nose and chin, where most of the sebaceous glands are concentrated on the face – and dryness in other regions, such as cheeks and jaws. Large pores and acne are also common, especially in oily areas.

Dry skin: rough texture + sensitivity + peeling

If your problem is the opposite, that is, you suffer more from lack of oil than from oil, that means your skin is dry! In this case, the face becomes sensitive and reddened very easily, causing itching and even scaling. The texture is also often uneven and rougher. However, that doesn’t mean that sometimes your face doesn’t feel greasy: it can happen in heat or even lack of hydration.

Normal skin: comfortable feeling + fresh + no open pores

Few adults are rewarded with so-called normal skin – it’s more common in children and babies. This type of skin does not have problems related to lack of hydration or excessive oil, it has a natural freshness and has a comfortable feeling on the face. The pores are also not dilated and it is rare for pimples to appear. That is – the perfect setting!

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