Anyone with oily skin knows how difficult it is to keep your face dry throughout the day!

In addition to the greasy sensation and dilated pores, pimples and blackheads are also part of the daily life of those who have this type of skin.

What you may not know is that you can control all these annoyances: just adopt a simple and specific care routine for your face problems. Want to know how? See just the step by step below!

In the morning:

Start by washing your face

Any skin care routine needs to start with cleansing! For oily skin, this is especially important, as all the oil from the face needs to be removed. So, when you wake up, the first step of your ritual should be washing your face, preferably with an anti-oily cleansing gel, which purifies and cleans deeply without damaging the skin.

Apply a moisturizing protector with a matte effect with color

Also important are the benefits of sunscreen to protect the skin from damage from the sun’s rays and prevent premature skin aging. To optimize time and ensure more advantages in your skincare routine, the tip is to use an option with color, which in addition to combining the aforementioned benefits in a single product, also helps you to disguise blemishes, dark circles and even out skin tone. .

Now just get ready as usual!

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