We don’t always pay enough attention to our feet.

Exercises: Make functional range and stretch movements; foot inversion and eversion (wide and lateral movements); release exercise, with a ball on the sole of the foot, for example (circular movements); use a calf pump (repeating movement, flexion and extension of the foot).

– Comfort: Wear suitable and comfortable shoes and shoes for your activities. Use those with rubber soles, they prevent impacts and future bone damage, such as spurs, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and deformation. Also give preference to cotton socks.

– Hygiene: General care such as drying the feet well between the toes and making sure that instruments such as pliers, nail clippers, etc. are properly sterilized, especially when used in podiatrists and manicures.

Diet on tiptoe

Although not directly connected, some reflexology points on the feet serve to speed up metabolism and increase fat burning. For this proper functioning, apply pressure, with the fingers of the fingers, on the soles of the feet, in the point between the big toe and the finger on the side. Press for ten seconds and repeat the action three times.

Attention to intense dryness

If left untreated, dryness can develop into painful cracks, even causing back problems and leg pain. “In addition, these cracks can become infected by bacteria, serving as a gateway for microorganisms capable of causing infection and inflammation in the feet and legs”, reveals the expert.

In the case of cracks, in addition to treatment with moisturizer, it is recommended to opt for healing creams and antiseptics.

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